Potjie Cooker Deluxe


Potjie Cooker (Deluxe)

The king of potjie cookers in terms of looks, quality build, and ease of use! You can even use this as a braai! This potjie cooker is raised off the ground ensuring that minimal heat is transferred to the ground, making is safe to user everywhere. The cooker is manufactured from 1.2mm 304 brushed Stainless Steel, ensuring excellent durability. The grid diameter is 250mm.

Use 8-12 brickets per braai. It is wood and charcoal friendly. Super easy to clean. Because it retains heat so well and uses so little fuel your cooking is environmentally friendly. This potjie cooker has adjustable feet, and two heat chambers. The different heat chambers allow you to set the heat for cooking your potjie.

Dimensions; 290mmX260mmX240mm
  • Included grid is suitable for braai.
Shipping weight;  2.7kg


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